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Catering Systems

Flexibility for all requirements

From the ordering process all the way through to the delivery, BIOLOGISCH meets all of the requirements set by schools and nurseries. Depending on requirements, BIOLOGISCH offers a transparent ordering process for establishments and parents.

Depending on the available facilities at the schools, the freshly produced meals are delivered either warm in the Cook & Serve or cold in the Cook & Chill method. Our menus and ordering forms for the current as well as the following month can be found under Region on the Partners in your area page.

verpflegungssysteme cook serve

With this catering system, the meals are delivered hot and ready to eat.

All the food is freshly prepared only a short time beforehand and delivered to the customer as quickly as possible in special thermo-containers.

The customer then serves the food himself.


  • Minimum logistical requirements
  • No equipment necessary
  • Low operating and personnel costs

verpflegungssysteme cook chill

We deliver the main courses in chilled form. These are freshly prepared, then cooled down to 3 degrees and stored at a temperature of 0 to 3 degrees. When needed, the food is regenerated by the customer himself in the convection oven (or in so-called convectomats) and served directly afterwards. The advantage of this system is the better preservation of the nutrients achieved by the rapid cooling and minimal heating times.


  • Better preservation of the nutrients by the rapid cooling and minimal heating
  • Efficient use of personnel
  • Best possible sensory quality
  • Adaptable gentle regeneration
  • Comprehensible investments via economic financing

verpflegungssysteme cook chill

With this system, we undertake the entire operation on our own account and with our own staff. The customer is spared all the effort and bears no risk.

Irrespective of the local situation, it is also possible with this system to supplement the offer with breakfast or a kiosk.


  • No customer staff involved
  • No planning or organisational effort
  • No risk
  • Can be expanded with breakfast or kiosk offer

Our catering systems offer the maximum flexibility to take the local
conditions into account in the planning to the greatest possible extent.

It goes without saying that our experts will be delighted to assist you in an advisory capacity in the choice of the system suitable for you, and calmly assess all aspects with you. Depending on the requirements and wishes, the processes can be optimally adapted to you and your facility and individually tailored to the wishes of your children and adolescents.