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The quality of our nutrition dictates the quality of our development. As such, we at Biologisch hold ourselves to the strictest requirements and highest quality standards. Examples include the BIO-Qualität label stating our exclusive use of organic foods as well as the DGE certification as proof of a fully-fledged, modern and holistic nutritional concept.


FPS CATERING was the first catering company certified with a menu line for schools and nurseries by the German association of nourishment (DGE) in Frankfurt.

The following categories were screened on the basis of the „DGE-quality standards for school catering“ and the „DGE- quality standards for the catering in day centers for children“ in February:

  • Foods: Lunch catering (optimal selection of foods and requirements towards the meal plans)
  • Meal planning & production: criteria for the planning and production of the meals for lunch catering, composition of the meal plan

The menu line was composed according to the latest insights of nutrition sciences and can be recognized in the current weekly meal plan because of this logo:

Due to the labeling of the certified foods it will be simpler for the parents and those responsible in the nurseries and schools to recognize the nutritious menu line and therefore to select a balanced lunch catering for their children respectively their young guests while ordering.

DGE Zertifikat bis Juni 2019 | Catering Schule & Kitas


All BIOLOGISCH partners have EU organic certification. With this certification, they have earned the right to process organic farming products.

Organic farming is a very natural form of agriculture. Due to the abandonment of synthetic chemical pesticides and easily soluble fertilizers, the pollutant content of the products is reduced to a minimum. The use of artificial additives, such as dyes and preservatives, flavour enhancers or artificial flavours is very limited. Furthermore, the deliberate use of genetic engineering is prohibited by law.

Organic farming results in the production of high quality food for healthy enjoyment. When selecting organic foods, we prefer products from local suppliers available in Demeter and organic quality. We guarantee complying to the EU directives on security and transparency. We are subject to regular random controls and are also controlled regularly every six months by the Admissions Office. So you can be sure that our organic certification is always up to date and a high standard of quality is maintained.

2000px Bio Siegel EG Oko VO Deutschland.svg

Bio Zertifikat bis Januar 2020 | Catering Schule & Kitas