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Frank Wassermann


About us – Healthy food: Happy children and happy parents

As the father of two children and owner of an event catering company, Frank Wassermann knows that even with little effort a balanced diet is possible at an affordable price and it can taste good, too.
His concept “happy food” has already won over many children and adolescents, their parents, and teachers in schools and day-care centres. Frank Wassermann & his team have the ambition and knowledge to get people enthusiastic about healthy food at a young age. The foundation for dietary habits in adulthood is laid already during childhood. The company sees its main task to make food presentation and its taste appealing to young people.
A balanced diet is not a question of money – Frank Wassermann proves it, making healthy and sustainable food with Glücklich Essen AG. Hygiene, careful preparation and health-conscious nutrition based on scientific knowledge are of prime importance. Natural foods are used, and short distances support the demand for freshness and quality.
100 permanent employees and 600 temporary staff work for Frank Wassermann’s two companies.

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