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About us – Catering und Service vomfeinsten.

The name is not without good reason: on the contrary, we perceive it as an expectation of our services, our whole team and – not least – each and every one of us personally.

Commitment, creativity and fascination – complemented by experience gained from over 15 years in the field of school & child daycare centres ….
As entrepreneurs – but first and foremost as family men, we gladly take on responsibility. Not because we have to. But because we want to. For we have pleasure in showing that enjoyment and conscience can perfectly harmonise on a daily basis.
Responsibility determines our everyday work. It is based on the idea of sustainability. This begins with the selection of the ingredients we use. These come primarily from regional and certified partners.
Innovation means ongoing development – particularly in relation to our youngest guests. In order to be able to provide an even higher level of quality in the future, with immediate effect we look forward to

As the first catering company in Hannover, we therefore offer a menu course certified by the DGE (German Nutrition Society) – both for child daycare centres and schools, which is specially marked in the menu, thus making it easy to be recognised and ordered as a wholesome menu course optimised for children. Our nutritional concept for daycare centres and schools are specifically intended to meet the wishes and needs of children and adolescents – and with one goal in mind: to make healthy food taste delicious and enjoyable!
70% of our products come from organic farming, guaranteed by our nationally recognised organic certificate. For children and adolescents, this is an important basis to go about their daily tasks and adventures with positive energy. The vomfeinsten JuniorCatering service knows exactly what makes our young and demanding customers happy. After all, we not only have experts for a balanced diet working for us, but also convinced parents, for whom the best is just about good enough.

We wish you and your children healthy enjoyment and bon appetit!

Our references

  • Baumheideschule
  • Brackweder Realschule
  • Brodhagenschule
  • Ernst-Hansen-Schule,
  • Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau- Gesamtschule
  • Ganztagsschule Am Lönkert
  • Gertrud-Bäumer-Schule
  • Gymnasium Heepen,
  • Helmholtz-Gymnasium
  • Johannes-Rau-Schule,
  • Luisenschule
  • Martin-Niemöller-Gesamtschule
  • Max-Planck-Gymnasium
  • Realschule am Schlehenweg
  • Realschule Heepen
  • Schule Gellershaagen
  • Theodor- Heuss-Schule

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