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Biologisch ASP Frank Schwarz

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Frank Schwarz


About us – We love what we do!

The Frank Schwarz Gastro Group (FSGG) is one of the leading catering companies in North Rhine-Westphalia,  having organized dozens of high-end events in Germany and abroad. As certified member of the Leading Caterer Association (LECA), we are true professionals when it comes to the conceptual planning and realization of supraregional catered events.

The pulsating heart of our success, and the home of savor, is our production site at the central market in Duisburg. „Our manufacturing process is subject to a cleverly devised control system which is constantly checked and certified by EU auditors. Thus, we are able to guarantee not only absolute freshness and quality but also impeccable hygienic conditions“ explains the owner, Frank Schwarz.

When creating a menu, we pay special attention to using high-quality food products. The most part of these products are derived from organic farming.

Furthermore, we also make sure that as many regional and seasonal products as possible are included in our offer.

Our references

  • Rembergschule, Stadt Mülheim an der Ruhr
  • Erich-Kästner Grundschule, Stadt Mülheim an der Ruhr
  • Gesamtschule Hamminkeln
  • Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Dinskalen
  • Josef-Albers-Gymnasium Bottrop
  • Ev. Kita Neumühl, Duisburg
  • Weltkinder Kita Kopernikusstraße, Duisburg
  • Weltkinder Kita Duisburger Straße, Duisburg
  • Weltkinder Kita Emmericher Straße, Duisburg
  • Jugendhilfe Sankt Josef, Duisburg
  • Katholischer Kindergarten St. Konrad, Moers
  • Kita Waldwichtel, Duisburg
  • Kita Wunderland, Duisburg
  • St. Josef Kinder, Jugend- und Familienhilfe, Duisburg

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