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Biologisch ASP Christ MarcoChrist

Ihr Ansprechpartner:
Marco Christ


About us –

As father of two children and young entrepreneur who took over the family business, I asked myself the following question with regard to my company: How can I teach children in schools and daycare centers, in particular, to have a healthy diet?

In line with the slogan “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, we launched, in 2013, our BIOLOGISCH nutrition concept for child daycare centers and schools in the Saarland region.

Already in our overall Christ Party& Catering concept, we put emphasis on reaching the highest standards and were also able to satisfy our youngest customers by buying 50-70 % organically grown potatoes, noodles, rice as well as fruit and fresh-produce snacks from certified organic farms from our region.

Our mission is to familiarize children with healthy, high quality and varied dishes.

Our whole company has been organically certified by the association for controlled organic crop production, Kontrollverein ökologischer Landbau e.V., in accordance with the provisions of the EU Eco-Regulation.

We wish our small guests ‘bon appétit’ and are happy about knowing they are in good  health.

Yours sincerely,

Marco Christ

Our references

  • Städtischer Kindergarten Lauterbach
  • Städtische Kindertagesstätte Haydnstrasse
  • Städtische Kindertageseinrichtung Röntgenstrasse
  • Städtische Kindertageseinrichtung Schubertstrasse
  • Städtische Kindertageseinrichtung Neues Rathaus
  • Städtische Kindertageseinrichtung Ludweiler
  • Kath. Kindertageseinrichtung St. Raphael Bous
  • Kindergruppe Kettenfabrik e. V., Saarbrücken-Rotenbühl
  • Kindertagesstätte am Schenkelberg e. V., Saarbrücken
  • Hort am Schenkelberg e. V., Saarbrücken
  • AWO Kindertagesstätte Kinderinsel, Dillingen
  • Katholische Kindertagesstätte St. Willibrord, Rehlingen-Siersburg
  • Kindertagesstätte Ittersdorf, Gemeinde Wallerfangen

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