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About us – Always in mind: Your satisfaction

Dear parents and teachers,

In today’s age, the discussion on nutrition is always relevant, especially when regarding your children.

As parents, we must provide our children with a freshly cooked and warm lunch, but due to working hours or long school days, that is a challenge.
Teachers, on the other hand, want their pupils to receive meals that boost their concentration in the afternoon.

With this in mind, BIOLOGISCH was founded as a forward-looking food concept for schools and kindergartens in Germany. Offering meals tailored to the wishes and needs of children and teens, we prove that even healthy food can be delicious and fun.
We do this because we want children to appreciate and enjoy fresh produce and healthy nutrition at an as early age as possible.
Also of note, however, is that the communal lunch is a veritable oasis in this fast-paced society; an oasis that promotes a sense of community, friendship and social skills.



The food is prepared with the highest degree of balance, wholeness and freshness.

We offer your children up to five meal options every day. One of these is vegetarian, two are allergy friendly and one is an alternative to pork. The menus are set out to not have any repetitions for at least four weeks.



We prepare your children’s meals freshly day after day. The majority of the pasta, rice and potatoes we use are organic. Fruit, salad and vegetables are sourced exclusively from our long-standing regional partners.

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